Subeptithelial connective tissue gum graft with root coverage

The tunneling procedure, performed by a Periodontist, for connective tissue grafting is very effective for covering tooth root surfaces that have been exposed due to gingival recession. Not only does it result in a very cosmetic result, but it also increases the amount of attached gingiva and is very stable for the long term. The […]

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Hypermobile lip plastic surgery for a gummy smile

When a gummy smile is due to a skeletal discrepancy and not excessive gum tissue covering the teeth, orthognathic, jaw, surgery is the most predictable way to treat this condition. Under the right circumstances, lip lowering plastic surgery can achieve dramatic results with a much less invasive surgery. The procedure itself is a variation of […]

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Gum graft to cover exposed root surfaces

Gingival (gum) recession is a common problem for a Periodontist to treat. Typical causes of gingival recession are: Minimal zone of attached or keratinized gingiva Gum disease Trauma – Traumatic tooth brushing Orthodontic treatment Unbalanced occlusion (bite discrepancy) There are two types of tissue surrounding the tooth, gingiva (gum tissue) and mucosa (cheek tissue). Gingiva […]

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Floss your teeth in the shower, a suggestion for people to start flossing their teeth.

After 20 years as a Periodontist, I have heard a lot of reasons / excuses why some people wont floss their teeth: Cant hold the floss Its messy It hurts No time Don’t think it is necessary It makes my gums bleed The list goes on. Flossing is important because tooth brushing alone will not […]

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Guided dental implant surgery using the extracted tooth crown as a temporary restoration

Guided dental implant surgery affords such precision and predictability that we were able to use the patient’s own extracted tooth as a temporary restoration. This is not a reason in and of itself to use guided implant surgery its just perk of using the technique. Immediate extraction and placement of a dental implant in the […]

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Surgical exposure of an impacted canine tooth for orthodontic guided eruption

Abnormal eruption of a maxillary canine can result in an impacted tooth, where the tooth can no longer erupt into its proper position in the arch. The tooth gets physically stuck in the bone where other tooth roots block its passage through the bone. This case demonstrates a maxillary impacted canine, tooth #6 which has […]

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Lip lowering periodontal plastic surgery procedure for a gummy smile

The ideal smile shows 90-95% tooth and 5-10% gingiva. Patients with a gummy smile show 25+ % gingiva. People with this condition are often self conscious and typically dont seek treatment because they are unaware of the possibilities of their treatment options. Periodontal plastic surgery has not been promoted to the extent of other plastic […]

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Mandibular ridge augmentation using a block bone graft and platelet rich plasma

This patient presents with a buccal bone deformity that resulted from a previous extraction. The bone may have been compromised from a prior infection from periodontal disease and or from the removal of the tooth. The patient desires to have this tooth replaced by a dental implant. A narrow diameter dental implant could be used […]

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Connective tissue gum / gingival graft with Alloderm and platelet rich plasma

This case involves gingival recession that followed orthodontic treatment. Although the recession is mild in the lower right and left bicuspid areas there is only a thin zone of gum tissue remaining followed by cheek tissue. These cases are considered unstable and further gum recession is expected until an adequate zone of gum tissue can […]

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Connective tissue gum graft

This case demonstrates a tunneling procedure for gingival grafting. The exposed tooth root surfaces will be covered with the graft as well as simultaneously increasing the zone of attached tissue to prevent further periodontal breakdown / gum recession in the future. The gum recession was caused by traumatic tooth brushing. The signs of this are […]

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Periodontal disease and the coral reef analogy

Although it sounds like an unusual analogy, the process that causes periodontal disease is extremely similar to the coral reef in the ocean. I like to use this analogy when explaining gum / periodontal disease to my patients. Though it is simplified its an easy concept to understand. A coral reef is human fascination. It […]

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Partial denture retrofit with mini dental implants

This case report involves the stabilization of a maxillary partial denture following the removal of the standard implants that was supporting the case. Mini implants were used and the partial denture was retrofit to the mini dental implants.

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Atraumatic tooth removal using EZ Extract tooth removal system

A fractured tooth at the gingival margin can be tricky to remove. When the whole tooth is present, extraction forceps can be placed around the crown of the tooth to gently luxate it out of its bony socket. However, when the crown is missing there is usually not enough tooth structure remaining to remove the […]

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Laser treatment for Herpes Labialis

Herpes Labialis is commonly known as a cold sore or fever blisters. The lesion that forms on the lip is caused by the Herpes virus. The virus lies dormant inside a nerve cell and when released into the surrounding tissues it causes the lesion. The lesion is formed by the destruction of skin cells as […]

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