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Subeptithelial connective tissue gum graft with root coverage

The tunneling procedure, performed by a Periodontist, for connective tissue grafting is very effective for covering tooth root surfaces that have been exposed due to gingival recession. Not only does it result in a very cosmetic result, but it also increases the amount of attached gingiva and is very stable for the long term. The […]

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Gum graft to cover exposed root surfaces

Gingival (gum) recession is a common problem for a Periodontist to treat. Typical causes of gingival recession are: Minimal zone of attached or keratinized gingiva Gum disease Trauma – Traumatic tooth brushing Orthodontic treatment Unbalanced occlusion (bite discrepancy) There are two types of tissue surrounding the tooth, gingiva (gum tissue) and mucosa (cheek tissue). Gingiva […]

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Connective tissue gum / gingival graft with Alloderm and platelet rich plasma

This case involves gingival recession that followed orthodontic treatment. Although the recession is mild in the lower right and left bicuspid areas there is only a thin zone of gum tissue remaining followed by cheek tissue. These cases are considered unstable and further gum recession is expected until an adequate zone of gum tissue can […]

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Connective tissue gum graft

This case demonstrates a tunneling procedure for gingival grafting. The exposed tooth root surfaces will be covered with the graft as well as simultaneously increasing the zone of attached tissue to prevent further periodontal breakdown / gum recession in the future. The gum recession was caused by traumatic tooth brushing. The signs of this are […]

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Gingingival graft with simultaneous root coverage

In this case, we are adding a new method to the standard procedure by advancing the gingival collar coronally to cover the root surface at the same time we are adding the graft to increase the zone of attached gingiva. Note the difference in root coverage before and just one week after the procedure. Placing […]

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