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    I was very interested to read your article on lip lowering for a gummy smile.
    I have called numerous plastic surgeons in my state and none of them have the faintest idea what hypermobile lip surgery is. They also this lip lowering is jaw surgery. I have been given the run around from cosmetic surgeon to oral surgeon to periodontist to oral maxillofacial surgon.

    So what my question really is, is are you able to provide me with any information on a surgeon who performs hypermobile lip lowering surgery in Australia. Whilst I would prefer a surgeon in South Australia I understand now that this may be impossible. Any information you could provide me with or help you could give me would be hugely appreciated!

    Thankyou for your help,



    Thank you for your inquiry. I don’t know any Periodontists down under, but if you refer them to http://www.periodontist.org then I think they will have a better understanding of what is involved. It is a variation of a very common periodontal procedure so any Periodontist should be able to help you out. I have made some modifications in how I do the technique now so I am happy to speak with them prior to your procedure.



    Thankyou for your reply,

    When you say “It is a variation of a very common periodontal procedure,” can you please tell me the name of the procedure you are talking about? That would be very helpful as I have made an appointment with a Periodontist and I want to be as clear as possible with him. I believe the surgery is not done very commonly in Australia although Periodontists are aplenty. When speaking to them on the phone they usually tell me to see a cosmetic sugeon or that I will need jaw surgery.

    I will refer the peroidontist I am seeing, to your website and if he wants to go ahead with the surgery I will definately be getting him to call you.

    Thankyou again for your help!


    It is essentially a reverse frenectomy.



    Hi Dr. Wasserstein,

    I am a RDH in the northern VA (Washington DC Metro) area. I am interested in the lip lowering procedure for myself. Can you tell me how effective (if it all) it is for someone with incompetent lips? My lips do not close in the natural resting position but I also have a very gummy smile. Does this procedure help with incompetent lips? Do you have experience with treatment for the combination of a gummy smile and incompetent lips? I had ortho as a teenager and my occlusion, overjet, and overbite are all WNL. My incompetent lips appear to be a result from mouth breathing which caused my lip muscles to be underdeveloped. I was recently diagnosed with a deviated septum, hence the mouth breathing. Any advice/information would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,
    Emily Smith

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