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Floss your teeth in the shower, a suggestion for people to start flossing their teeth.

After 20 years as a Periodontist, I have heard a lot of reasons / excuses why some people wont floss their teeth: Cant hold the floss Its messy It hurts No time Don’t think it is necessary It makes my gums bleed The list goes on. Flossing is important because tooth brushing alone will not […]

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Periodontal disease and the coral reef analogy

Although it sounds like an unusual analogy, the process that causes periodontal disease is extremely similar to the coral reef in the ocean. I like to use this analogy when explaining gum / periodontal disease to my patients. Though it is simplified its an easy concept to understand. A coral reef is human fascination. It […]

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Scaling and root planing

Periodontal disease treatment

How Is Periodontal Disease Treated The two main goals of periodontal treatment are the elimination of subgingival plaque and calculus, and to reduce the gum pockets to the 0-3mm range where they are cleansable. If a regenerative procedure is being attempted then an additional goal is to regenerate lost periodontal support around the tooth, primarily […]

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How is Periodontal disease diagnosed?

Periodontal disease is diagnosed using and instrument called a periodontal probe. The probe is inserted between the gingiva and the tooth. Gentle pressure is used until the probe meets resistance, and then a measurement is taken. Typically, the tooth is probed at 6 different points. Bleeding upon withdrawing or during probing is always diagnostic of […]

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Etiology of Periodontal disease

What Causes Periodontal Disease? Periodontal disease is caused by bacterial plaque. This plaque forms continuously throughout the day and night. Bacteria which are resident in the mouth mix with food particles and elements of the saliva to form this thin colorless layer which coats the tooth surface. With time, the soft plaque layer picks up […]

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About Periodontal disease

About Periodontal Disease The following synopsis of periodontal disease has been simplified for the general public. It is not inclusive, but speaks generally about the nature of this disease. Periodontal disease is a diseased state of the tissues surrounding the tooth. These tissues are the gingiva (gum), bone and periodontal ligament. As the disease progresses […]

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