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About Periodontist.org

Welcome to Periodontist.Org. Periodontist.org is a collaborative effort to provide useful consumer information about periodontics that you will not find anywhere else on the web. Our goal is to educate you about the field of periodontics, what a periodontist does, and treatment options. Our intendedĀ audienceĀ is someone who needs treatment, is in treatment or has had […]

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Laser treatment for a gummy smile

A gummy smile, gingival hyperplasia, is very common following orthodontic treatment. While this condition usually resolves with time it happens very slowly. Cosmetically it is more desirable to show more tooth and less gum, so a simple procedure called a gingivectomy is employed. The gingivectomy is performed to remove the redundant gum tissues around the […]

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Etiology of Periodontal disease

What Causes Periodontal Disease? Periodontal disease is caused by bacterial plaque. This plaque forms continuously throughout the day and night. Bacteria which are resident in the mouth mix with food particles and elements of the saliva to form this thin colorless layer which coats the tooth surface. With time, the soft plaque layer picks up […]

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Digital workflow for guided dental implant surgery

Digital workflow for guided dental implant surgery

An exciting and practical reality for dental implant treatment planning. Using the CEREC CADCAM a digital impression is made of the patients teeth. Specially designed software is used to create digital teeth which can be exported into a 3D scan of the patient. The digital teeth are used to optimize dental implant placement both within […]

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