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Surgical exposure of an impacted canine tooth for orthodontic guided eruption

Abnormal eruption of a maxillary canine can result in an impacted tooth, where the tooth can no longer erupt into its proper position in the arch. The tooth gets physically stuck in the bone where other tooth roots block its passage through the bone. This case demonstrates a maxillary impacted canine, tooth #6 which has […]

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Laser treatment for a gummy smile

A gummy smile, gingival hyperplasia, is very common following orthodontic treatment. While this condition usually resolves with time it happens very slowly. Cosmetically it is more desirable to show more tooth and less gum, so a simple procedure called a gingivectomy is employed. The gingivectomy is performed to remove the redundant gum tissues around the […]

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Laser treatment for Herpes Labialis

Herpes Labialis is commonly known as a cold sore or fever blisters. The lesion that forms on the lip is caused by the Herpes virus. The virus lies dormant inside a nerve cell and when released into the surrounding tissues it causes the lesion. The lesion is formed by the destruction of skin cells as […]

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