Partial denture retrofit with mini dental implants

This case report involves the stabilization of a maxillary partial denture following the removal of one of the standard implants that were supporting this dental appliance. Mini implants were used and the partial denture was retrofit to the mini dental implants.

The implant that was removed had a locator abutment on it, which is a specialized type of abutment commonly used for removable dental appliances. Locator abutments are very popular because of their ease of use for the clinician and patient and they have excellent retention. The implant that was removed was in a key position in the arch, without it, the patient’s appliance would have to be constructed more like a full denture due to the lack of anchorage.

The use of mini dental implants was used to stabilize the existing restoration. Two mini dental implants were placed adjacent to the extraction socket of the failed implant. Silicone caps were placed over the implants and registration material was placed on the caps. The partial denture was placed in the mouth to register the location of the implants. The blue markings in the partial denture demonstrate this. Denture material is removed in the areas of the two mini implants, until the partial denture can be seated completely in the mouth. Soft reline material is placed in the relieved areas and the partial denture is seated back over the implants and allowed to set. Once set the extra material is removed from the restoration.

Following that, the partial denture can be worn comfortably and has excellent retention. Once the extraction site heals a new standard implant will be replaced and the existing partial denture will be retrofit once again using a locator abutment. If the mini dental implants are still in service they can be incorporated again in the existing partial denture.

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  1. Paresh B Patel September 19, 2010 at 8:33 am #

    Great slide show showing the benefits of the locator attachment and how a mini dental implant can be used right along with a traditional size implant. It is nice to see that not all cases will require a totally new partial or denture to make it successful for the patient.

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