Is Arrestin a therapeutic treatment for reducing gum pockets?

ARESTIN® is an antibiotic, minocycline hydrocloride, which is manufactured into microspheres. It is placed inside gum pockets with the expectation that it will kill the bacteria that cause gum disease. Because of the way that it is manufactured into microshperes, it can last inside the gum pocket for up to 21 days. OraPhrama who manufactures ARESTIN® claims […]

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Who should perform your dental implant surgery?

The obvious answer is you want someone who has had a lot of experience with dental implant surgery as well as general oral surgery. A Periodontist or Oral Surgeon is an obvious choice. Both of these types of dentists complete 2 – 6 year post doctoral residencies in the surgical disciplines of dentistry. But today, […]

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Should I try to save the tooth with a root canal or get a dental implant?

This is an everyday question that can only be answered within certain guidelines as not all situations are the same. One of my mantras is to treat every mouth as if it was my own. So when faced with that question I typically put it on myself, as to what I would want. In general […]

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Should I get a bridge or dental implant(s)?

As a rule a dental implant is a superior treatment option to a bridge. The dental implant does not involve treatment to the adjacent teeth as a bridge would. Subsequently it is more conservative. It is more comfortable and hygienic to have individual teeth than a bridge. While the initial cost of an implant may […]

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How to choose a Periodontist

The classical way to choose a Periodontist is to get a referral by your general dentist. If you have a trusting relationship with your dentist then your dentist is the best referral source. One caveat to this is if the Periodontist works in the same office as the general dentist. There is an inherent conflict […]

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Practice settings for Periodontists – What this means to you

This blog discusses different practice settings used by periodontists.

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