Gingival prosthetic

This patient presented with maxillary alveolar ridge atrophy. The large air space below the bridge was creating a phonetic problem as it was allowing air to pass through, creating a lisp. The patient was also concerned about the gingival aesthetics of the area.

While ridge augmentation using soft and or hard tissue is also a treatment consideration, a very simple approach involved the use of a gingival prosthetic to mask the area. This prosthetic was fabricated chair-side and its intended purpose was to demonstrate its function and see how the patient would tolerate it.

The patient was ecstatic with this temporary device. It immediately solved his phonetic problem and he was happy with the improved aesthetics.  He asked if he could keep it and of course we let him.

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  1. Hermes December 25, 2015 at 9:10 am #

    I had this surgery done about 8 years ago to my lower front teeth (due to werinag braces for so long). OMG it hurt, but I think what hurt the most was the site in the roof of my mouth where they took the graft. Once I went back to get the stitches removed from there, the pain and pressure was almost instantly gone. I couldn’t believe that they let me drive home by myself, because I spent what felt like an eternity hooked up to the gas while waiting for my mouth to numb up. The graft though has held up and looks great after all this time!

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